Webcast: Using Financial Peer Comparisons to Fuel your Executive Conversations – September 20, 2017

Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2017 11:00am EDT

Duration: 1 hour

You need the right marketing and sales enablement content to better attract interest, engage earlier and most importantly, help spark purchase decisions with skeptical executives and buying committees. However more of the same old white papers and product pitches won’t do the trick.

Executive buyers indicate that a paltry 20% of the salespeople they meet with achieve expectations and create value. As a result, only one in four salespeople ever get to meet with the executive again.

Executives want competitive insights and consultative advice, not the same old sales pitch. How can you fuel more compelling executive conversations? How can you empower your salespeople to get more executive meetings, and deliver the unique insights and competitive advice these executives want?

In this session, Betty McNeil, SVP will introduce you to the Alinean Peer Comparison application, your ticket to sales rep financial acumen and early business value engagement.

The Alinean Peer Comparison Tool can help your consultants, sales reps and channel partners deliver important executive conversations with an easy to use interactive application that:

  • Empowers your sales reps to engage earlier and have poignant financial conversation with prospects
  • Compares the prospect to the competition to help uncover issues and drive improvements
  • Proves how a small improvement using your solutions could directly impact their competitive position and drive significant business value improvements.
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