Alinean ValueStory™ Cloud Salesforce Application

How do you improve improve access to Alinean Value Selling Tools and definitively trace outcomes to prove program success?
The Alinean ValueStory Cloud Salesforce Application delivers deep integration of your Alinean Value Selling Assessment, ROI and TCO Tools into your Salesforce, to help improve access, use and traceability to outcomes.

With the installed ValueStory Cloud Salesforce package, your sales reps, consultants and team can access the Tools and assessments / analyses via their salesforce login, and right within the Account and Opportunity view.


Integrate Into Sales Workflow

The Alinean ValueStory Cloud Salesforce application can help to streamline access and promote the use of your Value Selling Tools:

  • Access your Alinean Value Selling Tools directly via
  • Authenticate via your salesforce access credentials, easing access and improving security
  • Put the Alinean Tools directly into the Sales process and workflow

Streamline access to analyses and reports

Access to the Alinean Value Selling Tools is provided directly within Salesforce, from within the Account and Opportunity Views, as well as in a special ValueStory Cloud tab (showing all analysis per for the user):

  • Launch a new analysis directly from the Account or Opportunity views
  • Pre-load the assessments / analyses with company profile data from salesforce including Company Name, Industry, Location, revenue and more (customized for your particular data set)
  • View analyses or reports you have created
  • Click the analysis to access and launch the Alinean toolset, or view the report directly in Word or PPT.

Prove Outcomes and Drive Performance

Definitively measuring the success of a Value Selling program can be difficult. With the Alinean ValueStory Cloud Salesforce application, usage is tracked and tied back to Accounts and Opportunities, providing the data you need to correlate usage to sales success:

  • Record and track Alinean Tool usage
  • Leverage the Alinean Tools to structure your Discovery process and improve consistency
  • Share customer intelligence gathered from the Alinean tool with Salesforce (customized just for you)
  • Include discovery data collected from customers, as well as key assessment / analysis results
  • Correlate usage to key sales metrics including win rates, deal size, sales cycle duration, new rep ramp-up time and quota attainment.

The Alinean Difference


Easy Access

  • Unify access to Alinean Tools with salesforce credentials
  • Put Alinean Tools into the sales workflow
  • Create a new assessment / analysis with one click
  • Provide direct access to assessment / analysis and reports

Deep Integration

  • Access Alinean Tools and Reports within Account and Opportunity Views
  • Share company profile data from salesforce with the Alinean Tools
  • Populate Salesforce account / opportunity profiles with customer intelligence from the Alinean Tools (discovery, assessments + key analysis results)


  • Customize company profile data to pass from Salesforce into the Alinean Tools
  • Customize the customer intelligence shared rom the Alinean Tools into Salesforce
  • Have the metrics you need to measure the business value of your Value Selling Programs

Prove Outcomes

  • Tie use of the Alinean Tools to specific Accounts and Opportunities
  • Track usage to determine improvements from Value Selling / ROI use
  • Correlate and compare usage to prove win rate improvements, larger deal size, accelerated sales cycles, shortened new rep ramp-up time and superior quota attainment
  • Quantify how much your Value Selling Program has “Moved the Needle”

Alinean ValueStory™ Cloud Salesforce Applications are proven to:

  • Streamline access and increase awareness
  • Improve adoption and use by 50%
  • Definitively prove the business outcomes from your Value Selling Programs
  • Gain the budget and attention you and your team deserve