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ValueStory® Marketing Tools

Online interactive infographics, ROI calculators & value storybooks.

  • Dynamic "day in the life" ROI infographics to educate on challenges & value

  • Online storybook, providing visual storytelling, voice-over & narrative

  • Prospect's profiles, roles & challenges drives personalized storytelling, insights & justification

  • "Back of the napkin" interactive surveys, assessments & calculators

  • Customized white paper download for your prospect to share with other decision makers
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  • Capture leads, collect customer intelligence & send to MAP Solution (Eloqua, Marketo, etc) for better lead nurturing

  • Guaranteed leads program to assure your ROI from Alinean ($100K revenue in 1st 3 months)

  • Post initial delivery, Marketing can use the Builder to quickly and easily evolve, or create new ValueStory Plays for other solution areas & campaigns

Value to you

ValueStory for Marketing is expected to generate at least $100K incremental revenue from the guaranteed leads program alone, and first year revenue of $1.4M (based on $50K average deal size, 150 guaranteed leads, 100 incremental leads per month & typical demand waterfall conversion rates from SiriusDecisions):

Generate More Leads

  • Takes 50% more leads to generate the same amount of business as compared to 3 years ago - IDC
  • Generate 20% more leads and 5% better conversion rates than marketing campaigns leveraging traditional white papers - IDC

Engage Earlier

  • 67% of buyers have decided on a solution prior to sales being invited into the decision making process - SiriusDecisions
  • Marketing can provide personalized provocative, insight-driven content to fuel early decision making with differentiating value messages and financial justification - IDC

Ignite Buying Decisions

  • 58% of a typical sales pipeline consists of stalled deals - SBI
  • Ignite 5% more buying decisions by providing the online personalized messaging and quantification as to "Why Consider a Change?" and "Why Do So Now?" - IDC

The Alinean Difference

  • Personalized visual value storytelling, insights & justification specific to each prospect's profile
  • Emotional Storytelling + Rational Justification + Credible Success Stories = Yes
  • Lead capture, customer intelligence & MAP connectors (Eloqua, Marketo, Etc.)
  • 3rd party certification & credibility
  • Guaranteed Leads Program to assure quick payback and ROI

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"The HCM Challenge, a Value Marketing tool from Alinean, outperforms more traditional content, enabling us to capture significantly more leads and helps inside sales engage earlier and more provocatively."

Patrick Flannigan,
Senior Director, Sales Enablement

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