Value Sales Tools

How do you get your sales reps to engage with buyers who are more focused than ever on value, and making purchase decisions by committee?
Leverage Alinean to create and deliver customized interactive Value Sales Tools for use by your inside sales groups, sales reps, channel partners and consultants to help you engage with value earlier, more provocatively and more effectively.

Alinean Value Sales Tools activate more consultative prospect engagements to help evolve from product / service pitch to value, helping guide and implement different aspects of the journey including:


Value Storytelling and Business Value Assessments

Earlier in the sales process, these Alinean Sales Tools are used to guide prospect engagements with customized value storytelling and business value analysis, including:

  • Profiling customer opportunities.
  • Delivering compelling and most relevant industry insights, to educate prospects about the opportunity.
  • Quantifying “do nothing” costs.
  • Recommending the right solution, highlight differentiating value and compare / contrast with the status quo.
  • Quantifying your business value, TCO advantages and ROI (if investment is specified).
  • Delivering the most relevant success stories for proof points and credibility
  • Creating turnkey value story proposals and presentations.

ROI / TCO Analysis

Converting traditional spreadsheet-­based ROI / TCO into easier to use, more compelling, credible and secure interactive on­line ROI / TCO Analysis tools.

Alinean customized ROI / TCO Analysis tools create a better user experience and access to achieve (and track) greater user adoption. Every interaction is captured in a database to gain insights into customer needs and expected results.

And best, personalized customer presentations and business case financial justification / ROI proposals are turnkey generated from each engagement.

Realized ROI Tools

Measuring not just the expected ROI, but the ROI actually realized after deployment.

Alinean customized Realized ROI Tools provide you with the ability for your consultants / customer success managers to more quickly and easily measure and track actual performance comparisons to predictions, and automatically generate customer­ready realized ROI reports and presentations.

The Alinean Difference



  • Not your fathers’ ROI / TCO tools.
  • Exceptional user experience (HTML 5) including interactive infographics, sliders, value storytelling, animations, graphs / charts, branding and more (not a fixed storyboard).
  • Responsive design for use from PCs, tablets and phones.
  • Secure access to only authorized users (including authentication via your SSO authentication).
  • Delivered via the cloud, with an easy to install link on your sales and channel portals / CRM.
  • Integration with CRM (


  • Dynamically customized discovery questions, assessment and analysis results based on interactive answers and personalization.
  • Quick development, from spreadsheet model to on­line tool in days (without reprogramming business logic).
  • Individually customized Word/ PPT download reports including infographics, visuals, storytelling, tables, graphs / charts and branding.
  • Support for international selling including currency support for over 100 different currencies, international metrics research / database and optional translation services.
  • Easy / secure access / retrieval to prior analysis by authorized sales reps, consultants and partners.
  • Responsive design for use on PCs, tablets and smart phones.


  • Industry experts in business value communication and quantification to help refine your differentiated value messaging (using Alinean’s CLOSE methodology) and develop unique calculations, assessments, and storytelling.
  • 3rd party validated financial metrics and justification models (vs. in­house developed with less inherent credibility to prospects).
  • Exclusive partnership with leading global analyst firm IDC, to provide additional research, validation and logo.


  • Customer intelligence database, storing every analysis and providing easy / secure access / retrieval to prior analysis by authorized sales reps, consultants and partners.
  • Customer intelligence reports to mine engagement data.
  • Quarterly Customer Success Workshops to help measure and drive on predicted lead performance and sales outcomes.

Alinean Value Sales Tools are proven to deliver a:

3x improvement in sales rep adoption (compared to purely financial ROI tools) (IDC)

40% improvement in competitive win rates (CSO Insights)

30% reduction in “no decisions” (CSO Insights)

30% sales cycle acceleration (IDC)

20% reduction in discounting (IDC)

46% improvement in sales reps meeting / beating quota (CSO Insights)

13% increase in annual sales plan attainment (CSO Insights)