Value Messaging

How do you create and differentiate the right value story and quantification?
Alinean can help your team create a solid foundation of value messaging, provocative insights and credible financial justification in order to improve your ability to better communicate and quantify your unique value, and serve as the foundation for your interactive value marketing / sales tool.


Our founder Tom Pisello and expert analysts collaborate with your team in an onsite workshop to design, develop and deliver a Value Matrix, differentiating value messaging, insights and financial justification for your solution.

Unlike most internal value messaging efforts, which too often start “inside-out” with the solution, features and resultant benefits, the Value Matrix development process starts with the buyer roles, challenges and pain points, taking a buyer-centric “outside-in” approach, then aligning these challenges with differentiating solutions, features and tangible benefits.

The messaging uses the Alinean CLOSE value storytelling and quantification methodology, documented in the book The Frugalnomics Survival Guide – How to Use Your Unique Value to Market Better, Stand Out and Sell More, to codify your unique value, including the following elements:

Challenges – the business issues that your prospects are experiencing (Business as Usual), the decision maker Roles for which each of the challenges are most relevant, and the commercial insights / provocative metrics that demonstrate why the challenge is so important to address sooner vs. later.

Loss – the specific business issues that highlight the pain your prospects are experiencing from the Challenge, and Cost of “Do Nothing” calculations to personally quantify the issues the prospect is having with current inefficient / ineffective practices and legacy solutions.

Opportunity – A strategic vision for addressing the Challenges, illustrating the vision for the improved environment (To Be).

Solution – The specific solution set and differentiating features that uniquely drive these benefits for your prospect, and the financial improvements that can be gained by resolving issues.

Evidence – excerpts, quotes and links to relevant customer case studies and success stories from your current catalogue, providing credible proof points that proposed benefits are tangible and achievable.

Example of CLOSE Messaging in the Value Matrix for a specific Challenge:

Example of a value calculation in the Value Matrix:

tom pisello frugalnomics

We wrote the book on value
The Frugalnomics Survival Guide –
How to Use Your Unique Value to Market Better, Stand Out and Sell More

The Alinean Difference



  • Customized insights to challenge the status quo and compel change.
  • Expertise to ensure that important value elements are identified and nothing important is overlooked.
  • Differentiated value storytelling, insights and financial justification to fuel not just static content (in a 30 page guide), but guiding prospects / sales reps in more effective engagements with Alinean developed / delivered value marketing and sales tools.


  • Role based framework, to have the right insights, value storytelling and quantification per stakeholder.
  • A complete value messaging framework and content, developed as work for hire (not licensed) so you can leverage in all your go-to-market campaigns (like infographic development), sales training and more.


  • The business value experts, to go beyond simple messaging, to include compelling insights, quantification of “do nothing” costs and business value.
  • A 3rd party outside in approach, starting with buyer challenges versus solution features.


  • Proprietary CLOSE value storytelling methodology based not just on emotion (pathos and the reptilian brain), but logic (logos and the neo cortex) and trust (ethos and the middle brain).
  • Going beyond the obvious, to help identify and document unmet buyer needs.

Alinean Value Messaging is proven to deliver a:

Turnkey value messaging, insights & financial justification framework

A solid foundation for more effective value-­focused interactive tool and content development

Leverage to quickly develop infographics, value presentation, white paper and videos (Available from Alinean as turnkey add­-on services, or roll your own).