Value Marketing Tools

How do you move beyond one-size-fits-all white papers / content to fuel your marketing campaigns and motivate purchase decisions?
Leverage Alinean to develop the most creative, compelling and credible value-focused Interactive Online Content / Tools to grab your prospect’s attention, better engage buyers and accelerate purchase decisions.

Some examples of Alinean powered Value Marketing Tools include:



Your prospects want help uncovering the opportunities they might be missing, or the challenges / issues they should be addressing as a priority.

Alinean Assessment tools help survey prospects to self assess current capability / maturity and uncover challenges. These online interactive tools provide insightful challenge surveys, scoring of current practices and comparing these scores with peer benchmarks (collected from all prior engagements), delivering a gap analysis, and recommend priorities, solutions and next steps.

Check out an example of an Assessment Tool, the Alinean Value Discovery

ROI / TCO Calculators

Buyers need to know the “do nothing” costs, and unique value you can deliver earlier than ever in the decision making process (where 74% of deals are won / lost).

Alinean ROI / TCO Calculators help your prospects quantify current “do nothing” costs and the unique business value and TCO advantages you provide. The interactive online tools can quickly take your existing spreadsheets to create an incredible on-line experience, or leverage Alinean analysts to create the right differentiating ROI / TCO model and metrics (all 3rd party validated for superior credibility than in-house efforts).

Value Storytelling

Helping a prospect figure out what challenges they should focus on, which solutions they should consider and the unique value you can deliver is key to getting “do nothing” to “yes”.

By answering a few simple discovery questions, Alinean’s ValueStory® self-service tools guide your prospects to the insights, value storytelling and business value quantification they need to motivate change and understand your differentiating value.

Advancing beyond just the quantified business value you can deliver, Alinean’s ValueStory provides buyers with powerful visuals, insights, storytelling and relevant success stories to motivate and accelerate the decision making process.

The Alinean Difference



  • Exceptional user experience (HTML 5) with interactive infographics, sliders, value storytelling, animations, graphs / charts, and more (not a fixed storyboard).
  • Support for international campaigns including currency support for over 100 different currencies, international metrics research / database, and optional translation services.


  • Branding customized to match your web site and guidelines.
  • Responsive design for self-service by prospects from PCs, tablets and phones.
  • Delivered via the cloud, with an easy to install link for your web site.
  • Quick development, from spreadsheet model to on-line tool in days (without reprogramming business logic).
  • Individually customized PDF download reports including infographics, visuals, storytelling, tables, graphs / charts and branding.


  • Analyst expertise to help refine your assessments, storytelling and calculations from the industry experts in business value communication and quantification (levering Alinean’s proprietary CLOSE methodology)
  • 3rd party validated financial metrics and justification models (vs. vendor developed with less inherent credibility to prospects).


  • Extensive proprietary databases of business value models, industry insights and metrics.
  • Lead capture and sharing in real-time with MAP / CRM (with included connectors for Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, and many others).
  • Capture and sharing of additional customer intelligence (responses / key results) to MAP / CRM and link to prospect’s PDF deliverable (for better follow-up by sales reps).
  • Support for 3rd party web analytics packages to track the use of our tool right within your web analytics just as if the application were installed on your website, including tracking of how far prospects progress through the tool, and how long they spend on each view.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help get your Marketing Tools properly found and well ranked with the right web searches.
  • Quarterly Customer Success Workshops to help measure and drive on predicted lead performance and sales outcomes.
  • Campaign Mode – Exclusive feature to implement Account Based Marketing (ABM), automatically and proactively producing and delivering pro-forma analyses to specific accounts and high-value targets.

Alinean Value Marketing Tools are proven to deliver a:

300% increase in leads (IDC)

30% improvement in opportunity quality (IDC)

30% improvement in deal acceleration (IDC)