Windstream SD-WAN ROI Tool

Making the Case for Software-Defined (SD) Wide Area Networking (WAN)

Windstream wanted to “challenge” buyers regarding their legacy WAN solutions, proving that the status-quo was costing more than needed, and that there could be a better way using Software-Defined (SD) WAN.

Alinean worked with Windstream to create a Marketing and Sales Tool kit, helping Windstream to fuel more effective nurturing campaigns, and arm sale reps with the ability to evolve from a product pitch to a value-centric approach.

Windstream is reaping the following benefits from the Value Marketing and Selling Tools:

  • Helping prospects understand the true cost of “do nothing” and value of change
  • Sparking consideration of SD-WAN as a priority to help deliver significant savings and business value
  • Capturing more highly qualified sales opportunities and fuel value-focused marketing campaigns
  • Helping sales engage earlier and higher, to better communicate and quantify differentiating value to prospects
  • Automating financial justification / ROI analysis, helping to promote sales effectiveness improvements, scale the program to include ROI on more deals, and save significant time on each business case.

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