Tricentis Test Automation Opportunity Analyzer

Estimate the potential benefits of improved Test Automation

Tricentis is a more modern Test Automation solution that competes with several entrenched legacy providers, especially Mercury / HPE.

In order to differentiate the Tricentis solution, it is important for prospects to understand how their current test solution is falling short, quantifying the current costs and risks.

This includes proving how legacy solutions do not have thorough risk coverage, lack reuse, cost too much test maintenance, yield too many false positives, and more.

Tricentis wanted to provide prospects with an easy to use way to quantify the opportunity, and fuel different marketing campaigns aimed at each legacy challenge / risk.

Alinean worked with Tricentis to create an interactive on-line marketing tool to calculate the current test automation legacy costs and lost opportunities and potential benefits of evolving to Tricentis.

The tool is used to fuel campaigns for each legacy challenge / issue.

Alinean implemented a single value calculator, which can be sent a campaign code to create a calculator to communicate the opportunities, value and story around a specific challenge by, or leverage an overall value calculator.

The interactive calculator is used by prospects to quickly understand the legacy issue, calculate opportunities and potential savings and get an analysis report. This report can be shared with decision makers to help them understand legacy issues and justify potential upgrade consideration.

The tool interfaces with Tricentis’s marketing automation platform (MAP) to capture each lead in real time, saving and sharing a report with the MAP system.

Sales can use these qualified leads and a copy of the report to understand the challenge, size the opportunity and understand the potential value of Tricentis.