SAP Cloud Platform Benefits Estimator

The business value of the new SAP Cloud Platform

SAP wanted to provide clients and sales reps / partners an easy way to educate prospects on the value of its latest SAP Cloud Platform, and was looking for a more creative way to do so.

Alinean analysts worked with SAP, first developing a financial justification model and metrics, and then developed this content into an interactive on-line lead marketing and sales tool. Leveraged to fuel more provocative digital marketing campaigns and elevate sales engagements, the tools have made it easier for SAP to communicate and quantify the differentiating value of its new SAP Cloud Platform.

Using the Benefits Estimator tool, prospects provide a little profile information, obtain a benchmark assessment on their cloud challenges, and interact with the tool to learn more about the importance of addressing these priority challenges (from commercial insights) and quantify the business value the SAP Cloud Platform can uniquely deliver to them.

Easy and fun to use, yet credible and provocative, the marketing tool is helping to capture more qualified leads and generate better sales opportunities than traditional site paper and static content driven campaigns, while sales is leveraging the more advanced sales tool version to engage earlier and higher by evolving from a traditional PPT product pitch to a more consultative, interactive, value-centric engagement.

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