Red Hat OpenShift Benefits Estimator

The business value of a Container Platform to accelerate application development and reduce infrastructure costs

The team at Red Hat commissioned a business value white paper from IDC to measure the realized benefits customers were able to achieve leveraging the OpenShift container platform. Although this white paper was an effective marketing tool, the team wanted to create a more compelling interactive asset, so that prospects could not only understand the potential business value of OpenShift, but exactly what the solution could mean for their particular environment and challenges.

The Red Hat team worked with Alinean to create the OpenShift Benefits Estimator, an interactive online sales and marketing tool, to help prospects understand the potential business value, and make the case for change.

The Alinean team was able to directly leveraging and reference the IDC research and model through an exclusive relationship Alinean has with IDC. This meant a tool that could not only communicate and quantify the unique value OpenShift could deliver, but did it credibly using 3rd party primary research.

Leveraging this Tool, the Red Hat team is able to:

  • fuel new demand-gen campaigns, capturing more leads using interactive content,
  • better nurture clients, to accelerate the buyer’s journey,
  • arm specialists / sales reps / partners with customized business cases, to deliver personalized financial justification for each prospect’s unique opportunity.