TCO White Paper: Should I Migrate To Hosted Private Cloud?

Total cost data and research or comparing on-premises and hosted private cloud environments

One of the main barriers to cloud adoption that we see with our customers is the ability to demonstrate the business case and the cost benefits of a move to hosted private cloud.

Rackspace needed an effective way to communicate the TCO advantages of its hosted cloud solution versus legacy on-premises delivery, to help provide the financial business case to drive more educated migration decisions.

Using a proven methodology and TCO analysis tool to create the analysis results, Alinean worked with Rackspace to produce this TCO white paper. The asset is used to fuel marketing campaigns and educate web visitors as to the unique TCO advantages of Rackspace comparing the infrastructure economics of a hosted private cloud against an on-premises environment.

Combining firm numbers and expert insights, this customized TCO white paper looks at both the hard and soft costs of running in both environments to help prospects make an educated decision on the best move for your organization.