Quest Toad Benefits Calculator

Quantifying the business value of improved database management

Toad is a great tool to improve the productivity and effectiveness of database administrators, and already has great market share, but Quest wanted to further improve sales and market share by providing an easy way for prospects to calculate business value improvement potential.

Alinean worked with Quest to develop the Toad Benefits Calculator, an on-line interactive tool for prospects to quickly and credibly tally the personalized benefits they could achieve from Toad solutions.

Providing a few key data points about their current databases and administration, the tool applies proprietary metrics to estimate legacy database administrative costs and opportunities for improvement. The tool further calculates benefits from DBA, development, maintenance and change management, application performance, security, and time to market improvements, as well as key cash flow / ROI metrics.

At the end of the interaction, a ten page completely customized analysis white paper is mailed to the prospect, and can easily share with other decision makers, executives and finance for approval.