PTC Cloud Migration Services for PLM: Self Discovery Assessment

A cloud migration services roadmap for your PTC PLM solutions

PTC needed to guide their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) users on their journey to the cloud.

With so many solutions and options, customers were challenged to understand the roadmap to Cloud success.

Working with Alinean, PTC launched a Self Discovery Assessment. Collecting a few profile data points about the current deployment, the tool generated a personalized migration roadmap and assessment report. The Tool is vital in educating and guiding customers to the best Cloud plan for them, while promoting Cloud Migration Services,

Prospects use the interactive content to learn more about Cloud migration and available PTC services to accelerate the move, providing a document which the champion / mobilizer can share with others in the organization to promote the move.

With the assessment tool, PTC is able to fuel interactive campaigns to gain more highly qualified leads and accelerated decision cycles.

click link below to see this configuration / roadmap tool in action:

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