Nutanix ROI Calculator

Calculating the Business Value of a hyperconverged infrastructure using Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform

Nutanix needed to help prospects quantify the business value of it’s hyperconverged infrastructure solution, the Enterprise Cloud Platform in order to help buyers make the right upgrade or new infrastructure decision.

Nutanix sought the right set of content to attract and educate buyers and motivate change.

First, Nutanix commissioned IDC to perform business value research, analyzing real-world realized ROI from customers who successfully implemented the Enterprise Cloud Platform. This resulted in a compelling white paper that Nutanix uses with decision makers to credible communicate the value of change.

Although the business value white paper was valuable, the business value which buyers could actually achieve could vary wildly, based on the current infrastructure, number and types of applications and several other factors.

As part of an exclusive partnership, the Alinean team worked with IDC to create an interactive ROI Calculator, to provide prospects with a completely personalized version of the IDC research white paper (a Dynamic White Paper). Using the ROI Calculator, In a matter of minutes by providing a few key data points, the research is completely personalized to reflect the prospects unique business value opportunity.

Once the prospect provides lead information (captured and shared with Eloqua in real-time), a personalized white paper is delivered via email, a customized analysis and PDF research report.

The interactive ROI Calculator is leveraged in email and other digital marketing campaigns to spark initial interest, and as a follow-on to the research white paper in nurturing campaigns. This allows Nutanix to attract more qualified leads than with traditional research white papers alone.

The customized PDF report is easily shared by the prospect with executives and other decision makers to help prioritize the planned project and communicate the significant business value advantages, helping to accelerate decision cycles and focus the team on value vs. price.