Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Value Calculator

Tallying the business value advantages of Windows 10 Enterprise upgrades

Microsoft was facing, after a very successful Window 7 launch, low adoption and sales of Windows 8 and 8.1 for the enterprise market.

With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft’s expectations were high, while many enterprises remained frugal and skeptical. Even though Windows 10 offered great business value, enterprises were in no rush to upgrade.

For the enterprise, there are 2 versions of Windows 10: (1) Pro and (2) Enterprise with Software Assurance. Initially, the upgrade to Window 10 Pro was free, however there is fee to upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise with Software Assurance. Communicating the value of Windows 10 Enterprise, beyond a features discussion, is essential to justify the additional license fee.

To help make the business case, Alinean woked with Microosft to develop and deliver:

  1. A Windows 10 Enterprise Value Calculator for use by sales reps and partners in conversations with enterprise accounts,
  2. A self-service Marketing Version of the Calculator, helping capture and deliver leads and more qualified opportunities into Microsoft’s Marketo instance,
  3. Several ROI case studies (developed using the tool with accounts to validate ROI realization).

The tool and campaign were a success, with 100 assessments delivered a month, fueling large enterprise migrations and software assurance licensing deals, and accelerating migrations by an estimated 6 months.