Lenovo Unified Workspace Value Assessment

Quantifying the cost savings and business value of an improved workspace

Lenovo needed to quickly and easily get prospects to understand the challenges of managing a modern workplace, and potential savings and business value of its Unified Workspace solutions.

Lenovo selected Alinean to design, develop and deliver an interactive on-line Value Assessment tool, having standardized on Alinean value-focused tools for over 5 years.

In a few minutes, providing answers to some simple sizing questions and leveraging integrated third party and Alinean proprietary research data, prospects can use the tool to obtain a quick savings and value analysis.

Before providing the results, the tool captures lead information, and shares this information along with a copy of the assessment results, with Lenovo’s Hubspot instance, to capture the opportunity and provide proper lead nurturing follow-up.

A focus on value versus price / product is essential for Lenovo to engage beyond IT, to the business, and to do so higher and earlier in the decision making, and this marketing tool does just that.

As a valuable piece of interactive content, the Unified Workspace Value Assessment helps fuel Lenovo outreach campaigns, capturing more qualified opportunities, nurturing existing opportunities, differentiating from the competition and accelerating purchase decisions.