IBM MQ Advanced Business Value Assessment Tool

Advice to find the right messaging middleware and understand the business value potential

IBM introduced a new version of it’s secure messaging middleware solution, MQ Advanced, but was having difficulty getting prospects to understand the business advantages, and challenges getting sales reps to present a solid business case for upgrading.

IBM turned to Alinean, relying on a 16+ year ROI / TCO agency partnership with our team to help better communicate and quantify the value of IBM’s solutions.

Alinean designed and delivered two MQ Advanced Business Value Assessment Tools:

  1. a business case builder to help sales reps discover needs, recommend the right solution and deliver credible CFO-ready financial justification,
  2. and a simpler version, for self-service use by prospects to self assess their needs, deliver intelligent upgrade advice and get a quick value assessment.

Using the Business Value Assessment Tools, IBM is able to proactively engage prospects in upgrade discussions, leveraging an interactive application to fuel marketing campaigns, quickly generating more qualified opportunities, and arming sales reps, specialists and partners to motivate and accelerate upgrades.

Checkout the quick self-service version for yourself >>>

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