HPE Synergy Business Value Calculator

Tallying the TCO advantages and ROI of a Composable Infrastructure

HPE Synergy is the world’s first Composable Infrastructure solution, with a promise of better speed, agility, simplicity and savings to the data center. But how to convince frugal and skeptical executives and data center managers that Synergy represents a better platform and path forward to a truly Hybrid IT model?

HPE turned to Alinean to help develop and deliver the Synergy Business Value Calculator, an on-line tool to help prospects understand specific potential savings and business value improvements they can achieve with Synergy.

Delivered in a simpler self-serve Marketing version to engage directly with prospects, and more advanced Sales tool version, for use by specialists, sales reps and partners to help fuel assessment engagements, the Synergy Business Value Calculator is used to discover current IT compute infrastructure profiles, and determine how Synergy can help drive improvements and deliver substantial financial benefits.

Alinean worked with HPE to convert a legacy spreadsheet into the interactive on-line calculator.

The Business Value Calculator quickly tallies unique cost savings, IT productivity improvements, risk reductions, scalability, availability, and agility improvements, to make the business case for Synergy.