Hexagon Asset Lifecycle Information Management Value Analysis

Estimating the value of improved asset lifecycle management

Hexagon understands that prospects want help uncovering and understanding challenges, how others have solved similar issues, and value proof-points as to how much could be saved.

Hexagon had already created spreadsheets to help estimate the value, but needed to turn the financial models into an easier to use and validated deliverable for client use.

Hexagon turned to Alinean to create a self-service assessment and value analysis tool, to quantify the potential business value of improved asset lifecycle management.

The tool, run from Hexagon’s website, allows visitors in a few minutes to identify challenges, obtain advice on potential solutions and quantify potential value of proposed improvements.

Results are gated, to capture the lead information from the prospect prior to providing the report.

Once the lead is captured, the lead information is sent in real time to Hexagon’s marketing automation platform, along with a link to the report, to provide for informed, expert follow-up with the prospect.