GE Centricity Service Hosting Cost-Benefit Analysis

Making the case for healthcare practice management cloud / hosting versus on premise

GE Centricity solutions are used at independent physician practices, academic medical centers, hospitals and large integrated delivery networks, to help automate practice management, revenue cycle management, electronic medical records, medical imaging, and other functions.

When implementing Centricity, buyers have a choice between installing the solution on premise, or leveraging a services hosting model. Existing customers were struggling to understand the potential savings and benefits of moving to a services hosting model, while new prospects puzzled over what option was best for their business needs and situation.

Working with Alinean, Centricity launched an ROI calculator, to provide a quick and easy comparison between delivery options, providing the credible financial calculations and cost-benefit analysis needed for prospects and customers to make the right choice.

The tool is used by sales reps, to engage and guide buyers, streamlining and accelerating the decision making process. As well, a self-service version was posted, so clients could explore the services hosting benefits on their own. A cost-benefit analysis report is generated from the tool, helping buyers share the financial business case with all stakeholders within the prospect / customer account.

Leveraging the Cost-Benefit Analysis tool, services-hosting is now introduced by GE into more existing customers and new prospects, helping spake new business opportunities and accelerate decisions.

See the self-service version in action >>>

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