FICO Originations Value Assessment

Assessing the value of Originations

FICO wanted to show how improving Origination Processes could generate substantial business value, in order to help motivate buyers to change and provide purchase justification.

FICO worked with Alinean to develop and deliver the Originations Value Assessment Tool, an on-line interactive value marketing tool.

Used by prospects, the tool provides guidance as to potential business value improvements, and provides an interactive assessment so prospects can better understand and prioritize their challenges and determine the right solution.

FICO uses the tool to drive marketing campaigns, attracting better interest and engagement with an interactive assessment tool. Leads are captured in the tool, requiring the user to provide their profile information prior to report download, with the lead and additional customer intelligence sent in real-time to FICOs marketing automation platform for nurturing.

A more advanced toolkit is made available to FICO consultants and sales reps, to engage directly with prospects, helping better communicate and quantify the unique value of FICO originations to prospects.