Alinean Value Discovery Tool

Benchmarking your Value Marketing and Selling Needs

Alinean needed to refine the understanding of our prospect’s challenges and requirements, and make sure that our engagements, solution recommendations and proposals were better aligned to buyer needs.

In order to do this in a more consistent and value-add basis, Alinean created the Value Discovery Tool, designed to collect information about prospect’s current sales and marketing challenges and solution requirements.

As intelligence is collected, responses from prospect’s are compared to peer benchmarks, to provide buyers with valuable insights and comparisons.

The Tool is available on-line, with a more comprehensive version used by sales reps in engagements to better align solutions with needs and deliver better proposals.

The sales version integrates directly with the Alinean instance, using Alinean’s Value Cloud™ Managed Package, to promote the use of the Disovery Tool with sales reps, streamline access, facilitate better coaching, and collect customer intelligence into each Account / Opportunity record.

Checkout the Alinean Value Discovery Tool here >>>

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