See All StoriesSuccess Story: PTCDriving More Value Engagements Earlier with the PTC Service Parts Management Benefits Assessment



The Challenge: PTC wanted to help prospects better understand and tally the potential business value of Service Parts Management (SPM).



The PTC team had a spreadsheet developed by an internal SME, and this was being used successfully to create business cases for proposed purchases, however, the spreadsheet based tool was only being used by a small group of experts, because of the inherent complexity of using a spreadsheet for financial justification, and as a result, business value wasn’t being introduced to as many service prospects as it could have been.

pullquote“Today, you really need a credible business case to justify any enterprise purchase. We had a great spreadsheet model we built to do this, but due to its complexity and the level of explanation needed for sales reps and prospects, it wasn’t being used in as many deals as it should be”, says Clayton Slagle, Business Transformation – Senior Director, Fellow for the Servigistics Business Unit – Global Sales at PTC and author of the original SPM spreadsheet model.

The Solution

PTC leveraged Alinean to enrich, validate and convert the internal spreadsheet into an interactive self-service tool: the PTC SPM Benefits Assessment.

The Alinean team worked with PTC’s Service Lifecycle Management marketing and web teams to establish the requirements of the interactive marketing tool, and with Mr. Slagle and a team of experts to refine the financial justification and enrich and 3rd party certify the modelling.

Accessed from, the Alinean powered tool is used effectively by prospects, sales reps and partners to assess challenges, quantify benefits, and gather the initial financial justification to prioritize Service Parts Management with executives. With a gated report email, prospect leads are captured into Eloqua in real time for tracking and nurturing.

Buyer’s using the tool can quickly and easily see the potential value of Service Parts Management with PTC, and take a credible business case to other decision makers to convince them of the business case for change, and PTC’s unique value.



Sellers, working with clients using the same tool, can quickly and credibly conduct a more provocative value conversation, and quantify the potential business value of Service Parts Management improvements with PTC.

pullquote“Alinean worked collaboratively with our team to make our good financial justification even better with their experience and industry best practices, and then developed an easy to use and attractive interactive tool around it, to help bring our value story to life”, says David Lee, Marketing Manager for Service Lifecycle Management and project manager of the Benefits Assessment project at PTC.

The Benefits

With the PTC SPM Benefits Assessment, the value program is now scalable, enabling PTC to leverage business value earlier in the buyer’s journey, and in more deals than ever before.

“With the interactive PTC SPM Benefits Assessment tool we are now able to better communicate and quantify the value of SPM to prospects, introducing value earlier into the engagement and provide the tools our prospect champions need to make the case internally.”

The Benefits Assessment tool has advanced well beyond what the spreadsheet model was able to provide, now helping PTC to capture more qualified leads, educate buyers, and motivate prospect purchase decisions.


Check out the tool launch page on here

Visit the launch page to run the tool, or click here to access directly:

PTC Highlights

  • Advanced from internal spreadsheet to tool that could be used self-service by prospects
  • Scaled the value program to support dozens of value analysis each week
  • Empower prospect champions / mobilizes to easily make the case to other internal decision makers
  • Better communicate and quantify value in more deals than ever before