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The Challenge: Prove the business value of proposed solutions to gain consensus with buying committees



pullquoteObjective is an Australian based firm that provides information and process governance solutions to enable government entities and commercial organizations to optimize business processes, improve collaboration and confidently advance digital transformations.

Based on experience, the Objective team knew that the greatest success for both the company and their government and business customers, came when the business value of their solutions was quantified early in the sales cycle. In order to improve prospect and customer engagement, Objective sought an approach that would help its teams identify and communicate this value, in every single engagement.

The Solution

The Objective team first worked collaboratively with Alinean to create a credible financial justification model, to quantify the differentiating business value of their information and process governance solutions, and enhance the ROI calculations with insightful benchmarks, success stories and value storytelling.

Next, the Alinean team leveraged this content to create an interactive sales tool, used by Objective’s team within Objectives Value Program. The program identifies opportunities, assesses challenges and creates a compelling justification for project initiatives. Program outputs include personalised commercial insights, solution recommendations, business value calculations and relevant success stories presented for each unique selling situation.

“The Alinean & Objective project team collaborated to enhance Objective’s unique value proposition through building a concise financial justification model, supported by Industry benchmarks and the tools to easily develop customer business case justification,” says Nick Bishara, Director Sales Operations at Objective Corporation.



The Benefits

The Objective team leverages the Alinean tool to fuel their value program and workshops, providing the ability for the team to engage with business value earlier in the buyer’s journey, and scale to include ROI analysis in more deals than ever before.

The Alinean tools have helped the team differentiate from the competition, win more business and further fuel revenue growth.

“With Alinean, we are able to produce a more credible, comprehensive business case for each unique prospect opportunity, allowing us to present compelling value stories and gain quicker consensus from buying committees,” adds Mr. Bishara.




Objective Highlights

  • Incorporated ROI into many more deals
  • Enabled sales to engage earlier and higher
  • Differentiated the experience and solutions from the competition
  • Increased the credibility of business cases
  • Accelerated consensus with buying committees
  • Substantially Increased revenue growth