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The Challenge: Create a compelling business case to move from Cap‑Ex to Op‑Ex



NWN is a technology services provider headquartered in Waltham, MA, providing state, local, and educational organizations in the public sector as well as private companies with technology infrastructure and business solutions.

One of their newer solutions to help improve PC lifecycle management is DaaS, providing PCs and user devices as a service. Instead of buying these PCs / devices and managing / supporting them with internal resources or piece meal outsourced services, NWN DaaS can be leveraged to procure the device and all lifecycle services for a simple, cost effective monthly fee.

pullquoteIn selling these solutions to existing accounts and new prospects, businesses are used to buying their PCs / devices in a traditional way, so NWN needed to deliver a strong business case for DaaS with these organizations, to better articulate the business advantages and quantify the financial benefits.

“Although they are used to SaaS, PC as a service is so new to many of our prospects, representing a complete departure from the capital intensive procurement and in-house support of their assets”, says Terry Joslin, Executive Vice President at NWN Corporation. “As such, many have difficulty understanding what an advantage the solution represents, moving from CapEx to OpEx, and how much they can save and gain as a result”.

The Solution

In order to accomplish this, Alinean collaborated with NWN to create a Value Assessment sales tool that NWN specialists, consultants and sales reps can use to quickly, easily and credibly develop financial justification for their PC as a Service (DaaS).

The Value Assessment is first used to discover key sizing and opportunity metrics from the prospect, and to provide a quick diagnostic assessment of current challenges. Based on the discovery, the Value Assessment automatically recommends the right solution configuration for the prospect from dozens of service options.

Estimating the impact of the solution on the current costs and opportunities, the Value Assessment tallies the value of improved IT efficiency, reduced risk, and better enablement of the business. Specifying the investment, the Value Assessment quantifies the unique ROI the prospect can achieve.

Going beyond the numbers, the Value Assessment helps NWN tell a differentiating value story. Alinean collaborated with NWN to create provocative commercial insights and messaging for the buyer challenges and service solutions, guiding the seller to the right value storytelling to support the financial business case. As well, the right success story is automatically presented, to provide relevant evidence that proposed savings are and have been achieved.

“A business case is important, but the financials are just there to support a bigger story on the value of our service offering, and Alinean helped us to create a very compelling story for our new NWN DaaS offering”, says Mr. Joslin.



The Value Assessment automatically creates a 20+ page report, including a provocative executive summary, insights, storytelling, ROI analysis graphs and charts, providing the prospect with a personalized analysis report. Many of NWN deals involve buying committees and many stakeholders, and the business case report generated by the tool is invaluable at credibly articulating the value of the proposal to all stakeholders.

The Benefits

The Value Assessment is used on almost every PC and DaaS opportunity, helping the NWN team to introduce value earlier into deals and assuring that a complete financial analysis is delivered to justify every proposal.

As a result, the Value Assessment is helping NWN win more business, helping more stalled deals advance, accelerating sales cycles, reducing discounting and driving competitive wins.

“Instead of leaving the business case to chance, with buyers struggling on their own to put together the justification themselves, the Value Assessment allows us to proactively deliver a credible business case for each opportunity, helping us accelerate prospect decisions and providing a distinct competitive advantage”, says Mr. Joslin.




NWN Highlights

  • Introduced value earlier into deals
  • Assured that a complete financial analysis is delivered to justify every proposal
  • Increased win rates by helping more stalled deals advance and differentiating from the competition
  • Accelerated sales cycles by helping gain consensus from buying committees
  • Reduced discounting by focusing on value vs. price