See All StoriesSuccess Story: Florida Hospital FoundationFlorida Hospital Foundation refined their value story to increase charitable donations and improve healthcare services for the community



The Challenge: Florida Hospital Foundation wanted to improve the ability of Foundation lay leaders for the Cardiovascular Institute (CVI) to communicate the value of the Foundation to current and prospective donors, potential board members, community and business leaders, grateful patients and physicians to increase involvement and promote charitable giving.



Florida Hospital Foundation raises community awareness and philanthropy to extend their healing mission and enrich the health of Central Floridians and beyond. The Foundation is a vital part of Florida Hospital, one of America’s largest not-for-profit health care systems with 23 campuses serving communities throughout Florida.

pullquoteThrough the Foundation’s support, Florida Hospital is improving patient care, advancing emerging technologies, discovering innovative treatments, and providing patient assistance.

“We needed to empower our board members with concise and compelling content to tell the story of our healing mission and inspire others to support our cause. Our original messaging was more about who we were. Alinean paved the way for us to speak to our Hospital’s unique challenges and the role Foundation plays to close the gaps in healthcare for heart patients and save more lives,” said Patricia Bornstein, Florida Hospital Foundation Development Officer for the Cardiovascular Institute.

The Solution

Leveraging the CLOSE methodology, Alinean helped the Foundation improve their messaging, making their community ambassadors and advocates more effective at communicating the value of the Foundation mission and philanthropic impact on specific programs to improve patient care.

Working with the Florida Hospital Foundation Cardiovascular Institute Board and CVI physician and administrative leadership, the team conducted a workshop to gather major initiative information and background information on the value of these programs.

From this workshop, Alinean designed and refined the messaging, focusing up-front, not on what the CVI Foundation does, but developing a story – about the Challenges to overcome, and how the challenges impact real people.

The team collaboration resulted in:

  • The development of 5 x Value Matrices, one for CVI overall, and one for their top four philanthropic priorities and program initiatives.
  • Infographics, for use in the education promotion of the Florida Hospital Foundation and CVI mission to the Central Florida community.



According to Ms. Bornstein, “Alinean applied the CLOSE value messaging method to our efforts, providing an outside perspective that helped us focus on the challenges we were helping to solve for our patients, and creating the compelling storytelling we needed to better connect with the community to embrace our Hospital mission and motivate Foundation participation.”

pullquoteThe Benefits

Prior to the Alinean project, the board and Foundation struggled to consistently and effectively communicate the value of the CVI Foundation to patrons.

With the CLOSE methodology applied to the incredible mission of the Foundation, Alinean was able to weave an even more compelling story, and bring it to life in infographics.

The methodology and approach is being replicated across other Institutes including the Cancer and Children’s Foundations, helping them to improve the effectiveness of the message and charitable mission.

“It’s been an honor to serve on the Florida Hospital Foundation Cardiovascular Institute Board and help the Foundation refine their messaging and approach on behalf of the Cardiovascular Institute, working with Hospital representatives to further improve patient care for the community.” Says Tom Pisello, CEO Alinean and CVI board member. “Our efforts have played one small part in helping the mission to save more lives and promote holistic healing of mind, body and spirit in Central Florida, and we are thankful for the opportunity to contribute any way we could.”


Florida Hospital Foundation CVI Financial Highlights

  • Developed consistent and effective value messaging
  • Helped the CVI Foundation achieve >150% of goals
  • From one project, to being replicated across the Foundation