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The Challenge: Create a Holistic Business Case that Shows Adaptive’s Economic Value



Adaptive Insights is the worldwide leader in cloud corporate performance management (CPM) and business intelligence (BI). The company’s sales messaging focused on how it could help prospects plan and budget faster.

pullquoteHowever, Adaptive’s field reps were failing when they asked prospects to take the next step. Since prospects couldn’t see Adaptive’s economic benefits, they weren’t moving forward. This lengthened Adaptive’s sales cycles and impacted its revenue.

“We were talking about speeding stuff up, but we couldn’t show prospects the economic benefits of our solution,” said Paul Turner, Vice President Product Marketing at Adaptive Insights. “We needed to talk about our real economic value, so we could move prospects from doing nothing to making a decision.”

Adaptive wanted to show prospects its value in four key areas:
1. Acceleration
2. Cost benefits around greater productivity and fewer indirect costs
3. TCO improvements over the tools customers are currently using
4. Strategic benefits, such as growing revenue and cutting costs

“We wanted to bring these four elements into a holistic business case that would elevate the value of our solution beyond the intangibles of running your processes faster,” said Turner.

The Opportunity: Empower Field Reps to be More Consultative

Adaptive wanted to empower its field reps to be more consultative. To do this, Adaptive needed a sales tool that would help reps demonstrate its value to prospects.

“We didn’t want to use spreadsheets, as they are hard to maintain and don’t measure engagement,” said Turner.

The value selling tool had to be easy to use, so reps could quickly create business cases that would make them look credible in front of prospects. The tool also needed to measure prospect and field rep engagement.



The Solution: Provide Field Reps with a Value Selling Tool

Prior to joining Adaptive, Turner had implemented value selling programs with leading cloud ERP and HCM providers. With the ERP provider, Turner had looked at some ROI vendors, but their one­off tools were hard to maintain. He selected a vendor that had a more thoughtful and complete business case.

“Look for a vendor who can help you understand how to build a business case,” said Turner. “Our vendor provided us with lots of best practices and advice on how to frame our benefits.”

Turner also contacted this vendor to build Adaptive’s value selling tool. It took three months to build the tool and roll it out to Adaptive’s field reps.

“The key was to get feedback from the field,” said Turner. “We included sales stakeholders in our calls to make sure that what we were building aligned with their needs.”

The Results: Adaptive’s Field Reps Create Compelling Business Cases Interactively with Customers and Get More Wins

Prior to launching its value selling tools, Adaptive received ongoing requests for business cases from field reps. Now, the requests have stopped. Field reps have all the information they need to create compelling business cases. They can also answer prospects’ questions about ROI.

pullquote“The value selling tool helps our sales cycle move quickly,” said Turner. “Field reps can instantly create business cases collaboratively with customers, answer questions and then move on to the next step. The tool helps us engage with customers more collaboratively, also makes us look more consultative than our competition.”

Adaptive also tracks the tool’s online usage to help measure its success. Turner makes sure that online usage isn’t dropping off and that field reps are using the tool to close sales every month.

“Field satisfaction is important to us,” said Turner. “The more reps who use it, the more wins we get. The Alinean powered value selling tool has helped us move more customers from doing nothing to saying “yes” to our solution.”


Adaptive Insights Financial Highlights

  • Advanced from spreadsheets to ROI tool
  • Engage with customers more collaboratively and consultatively
  • Differentiates engagements from competition
  • Accelerated sales cycles