Smart Selling Tools Sales Stack Seminar Series: ROI & TCO Selling Success – October 13, 2016

As more customers require quantifiable proof they are making the right decision when purchasing a new product, solution providers who cannot provide financial justification are at a disadvantage. This is especially true whether you are selling against an incumbent market leader, or fighting against the status quo.

Join us Thursday, October 13th at 11am PT for the Sales Stack Q&A hosted by Nancy Nardin, Founder & CEO of Smart Selling Tools. Nancy will be interviewing Mark Arman, Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Alliances at StarLeaf.

In just 45 minutes you’ll learn how Mark leveraged an online interactive total cost of ownership (TCO) tool and guarantee program to help his sales reps and channel partners better communicate and quantify the unique value of proposed solutions to prospects, and how he was able to quickly achieve:

• Increased win rates from 62% to 90%

• An additional $30 million in incremental revenue over five years

• Elevated sales margins

You don’t want miss this opportunity to learn from one of your peers.

October 13, 2016 2:00 pm
Duration: 45 minutes

Presented By

webcastsevents-photo-markarmanMark Arman, VP Business Development & Strategic Alliances at Starleaf (formerly w/ Shoretel)

webcastsevents-photo-davestachuraDave Stachura, VP Customer Success at Alinean

webcastsevents-photo-nancynardinNancy Nardin, CEO of Smart Selling Tools

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