Peer Comparison Tool

How can you fuel more compelling executive conversations?
It is more important than ever to engage earlier and higher, but this is not easy to do.

Todays executive is skeptical, needing a solid reason to take a meeting with you, in the first place. And when they do take the meeting, these executives want competitive insights and consultative advice, not the same old sales pitch.

So how can you empower your team to get more executive meetings, and deliver the unique insights and competitive comparisons these executives want?

The Alinean Peer Comparison Tool can help your consultants, sales reps and channel partners deliver important executive conversations, providing an easy to use and understand interactive web based tool, run from a notebook or tablet, to:

  • Compare the key financials of any company you are visiting with a select group of peers
  • Demonstrate how small improvements can help drive extreme value and competitive advantage.

The Peer Comparison Tool is important, as the best next element for your Account Based Marketing (ABM) and Account Based Selling (ABS) toolkit, providing the right interactive tool and dataset you need to:

  • Select the right accounts to target, not by profile alone, but based on potential value delivery
  • Migrate from product-based to audience-focused provocative content, essential for ABM and ABS engagements
  • Inspire customers with compelling role-based insights and benchmarks to bust the “status quo” and motivate change.


Select Companies to Compare

  • Select a company you are visiting
  • Automatically obtain a list of recommended competitors for a financial peer comparison report
  • Compare to over 60,000 worldwide public companies in the database, provided in partnership with Compustat / Standard & Poor
  • Analyze the latest financials from annual reports or quarterly filings (your choice)
  • Perform the analysis and comparisons in any of >100 different currencies
  • Specify and enter data for any private firms

Visualize Comparisons and Value Opportunities

  • Quickly visualize where the company stands compared to leaders, laggards and the peer average
  • Compare across 20 key performance indicators, focusing on the few financial metrics that matter most
  • Easily select and deselect comparison metrics, peers and options to personalize the analysis
  • Tally how “moving the needle” just a small amount could improve financial performance
  • Get the latest news on selected companies, to understand how recent announcements might impact future results

Quickly Improve Your Financial Acumen

  • Obtain education and tip help on each financial metric
  • Quickly become an expert on what each value means and how it is calculated
  • Learn know what the metrics, high or low, mean to the business

Share Compelling Reports with Prospects

  • Obtain your report in PPT or PDF, via download or direct email to you, team mates or your client stakeholders
  • Optionally include company profiles and KPI definitions
  • Easily review, understand and customize the report for your client conversations
  • Prospects can share reports easily with other key stakeholders and executives to drive priorities and motivate the decision journey.

Integrate within Salesforce

Integration with the optional Alinean ValueStory™ Cloud Salesforce managed package, providing:

  • Direct authentication and access to the Peer Comparison Tool from within Salesforce placing the Peer Comparison Tool directly into the sales workflow
  • Link to each customized analyses and reports within the Account and Opportunity views
  • Customized data sharing with Salesforce, where the administrator can automatically import, save and leverage any financial benchmark, comparison or “move the needle” metric from a Peer Comparison analyses
  • Integration and data sharing with other Alinean Value Sales Tools
  • Track usage and prove the business value of your Peer Comparison investment.

The Alinean Difference


Easy to Use

  • Quick financial comparisons for any public / private company
  • Automatic competitive company recommendations
  • Easy to interpret and understand results
  • Visualization of performance versus leaders, laggards and peer averages
  • Integrated tip-help and advice on every metric
  • Clear value impact via “move the needle” analysis on each key metric


  • Over 60,000 worldwide companies
  • Over 5M financial comparison metrics
  • Latest news on each company being analyzed
  • International reports in any of over 100 currencies (w/ conversions)
  • Compustat / Standard & Poor data credibility, reliability and continuous updates


  • Runs on any tablet, notebook, or smart phone
  • Customizable analyses and outputs (on-screen, PPT and PDFs)
  • Quarterly or annual report options to leverage the latest available financials
  • Integrated into Salesforce (with optional Alinean ValueStory Cloud managed package) to promote use


  • Centrally track and monitor usage by consultants, reps and partners to optimize adoption
  • Track which firms are being engaged with Value
  • Shareable data and metrics with Salesforce (with optional Alinean ValueStory Cloud managed package)

The Alinean Peer Comparison Tool delivers:

A reason for executives to meet earlier and more often

Evolution from product pitches to compelling financial insights & competitive comparisons

95% savings on time and effort to create financial comparison reports and briefing books