Alinean Value Sales and Marketing Tool Integration Options

The Alinean ValueStory™ Cloud platform provides several flexible mechanisms for integrating with other Enterprise Sales and Marketing Tools.

Data In

Data can be imported into any Alinean Tool using the following options:

Parameter list – data can be passed in using a parameter list as part of the calling URL.

Excel import – an Excel file can be imported from within any Tool. Typically, a button is added to an interface view or from the tray menu (or both), where the user can click and select the file to import from their system. The named ranges in the Excel file are used to match up to named ranges in the Tool, importing those values into the current Analysis.

Word document import – a Word form can be setup to fill out and import data into any Analysis. The Tool provides an Import button on the View or Tray to select the file to import. The Tool uses the names of the fields to define the variables to populate with the specified form values.

Data Out

Data can be exported out of any Alinean Tool using the following options:

Excel export – The user can select to Export the spreadsheet engine and data in a particular analysis, using a button installed on a Tool view or via the Tray. The user can specify the file name under which to save the file.

Campaign Mode

The Alinean Tool administration console has a special feature, to process a spreadsheet list of client data in a “batch mode”, proactively producing analysis reports for each data row (set of prospect / customer data) in the spreadsheet.

The Campaign Mode function processes each row of prospects / customers data in the file, feeding the data set into the Alinean Sales / Marketing Tool, and as a black box, proactively producing a pro-forma analysis report.

A link is included in the resultant spreadsheet to each report that the Tool produced.

As well, the Campaign Mode can have each pro-forma report sent directly to a specified customer email, sales rep / partner email or alias.

Black-Box Analysis Service

The Alinean Tools can be used as a “back office engine” to calculate key ROI / TCO results and provide these results back to another application. Alinean Tools can be called with parameters to calculate key results (as a black box analysis engine) and send those results back to the calling program, or send a report to a specified email address.


Alinean Sales Tools can be accessed using Single-Sign On, such as that provided with Okta or other identity/ access management packages.

With this, sales reps and users can access the Sales Tool using their single-sign on account id and password.

SAML-2 Integration is provided to enable this.

If the ValueStory Cloud SFDC Managed Package option is installed and single sign on is not enabled, authentication is provided using Salesforce identity and password.

CRM Integration

Alinean provides a ValueStory Cloud Salesforce Managed Package to integrate Alinean Value Sales Tools into the Salesforce CRM, including:

  • Authentication directly from Salesforce to the Alinean Sales Tool, not requiring an additional login, as well as providing access to the Alinean Sales Tool outside of salesforce using the salesforce identity and password
  • Integration into the sales workflow, creating new analyses and accessing saved analyses and customer reports from Account and Opportunity views
  • Pre-population of key analyses values from data on the Account and Opportunity (this includes sharing data between Alinean Tools)
  • Capture of customer intelligence from each and every analyses into data table
  • Tracking of usage using reports
  • Collaboration on any analyses and access to reports, if you have access to the Account and Opportunity (using permissions)
  • Measure and track outcomes and prove the ROI of your value selling programs

Marketing Automation Platform Integration (eg. Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, HubSpot, Unica, etc…)

Alinean Marketing Tools can sendlead capture information in real time to a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) via a forms post, including:

  • Populating required lead capture fields
  • Sending additional captured data including responses to key challenge, sizing and value questions and recommendations / analysis results
  • A link to a copy of the downloaded customer analysis report

For attribution tracking, Campaign IDs can be passed into the Alinean Marketing Tool (via a parameter list element) and passed back into the MAP instance.

Web Analytics Platform Integration

Alinean Tools integrate with Web analytics packages like Google Analytics, with specific actions and navigation events in the Alinean Tool sending tracking information to the analytics package in order to monitor and track access and usage and optimize the design and experiences.

Alinean installs specific tracking code that sends the information to your Web analytics instance, which records the events / navigation and provides tracking and insights.

Web Services

Alinean can custom integrate the Alinean Sales and Marketing tools to other Enterprise Applications using integrated Web Services, to import data into analyses, or share customer intelligence / data and analysis reports with other applications.