IDC Interview: Financial Justification a Requirement for B2B Buyers – October 6, 2016

Financial justification remains a requirement, this according to research by IDC’s business value consulting group, with a whopping 95% of decision makers requiring proof of business value outcomes prior to considering and approving a purchase.

Although required to gain approval, buyers struggle with the metrics and models to provide financial justification to ever more frugal executives and buying committees, delaying or in many cases stalling the decision entirely.

If you are a solution provider, the research clearly indicates you can’t leave financial justification to your buyer, or worse, to an unarmed sales rep.

In this webinar, Randy Perry VP of Business Value Consulting for IDC and Tom Pisello, CEO / Founder of Alinean discuss the increasing need for financial justification by IT buyers and what you need to do now as a solution provider to meet and exceed this requirement.

If you are in product marketing, content development, value engineering or sales enablement, this is a must attend event, to get tangible advice on how to drive more deals, win rates and sales cycle acceleration.

October 6, 2016 11:00 am

Duration: 45 minutes

Presented By

Randy Perry
VP Business Value Consulting

Tom Pisello
The ROI Guy
CEO & Founder