Hit Your Channel Sales Goals with ROI Selling – February 9, 2017

In an effort to reduce costs and boost sales, you enter 2017 under the gun to deliver even more business growth from your Channel Partners. But simply adding more partners won’t do the trick.

The challenge: Your buyers have changed, no longer responding to the same old channel rep pitch.

 Your channel partners need to be enabled anew to:

  • Give a reason for buyers to see them earlier in the decision making process (where 76% of deals are won/ lost), not just when an order needs to be placed
  • Sell to business leaders (now controlling >50% of decisions), not just technical buyers
  • Have a provocative conversation about business value (to shake up the 61% of deals stuck at status quo), versus features and price
  • Deliver a financial business case (required by 95% of decision makers), not just an architecture and proposal.

It’s pretty clear. In order to meet your 2017 channel growth goals, you have to do differently, and new value selling tools and skills could just be the trick to help you to close the gap to channel sales effectiveness.

Join Tom Pisello, CEO / Founder of Alinean and Dave Stachura, VP of Customer Success as they discuss the latest research on Channel growth challenges, and provide straightforward examples of how companies are driving their worldwide partner programs to greater success.

Thursday, February 9, 2017
11:00 am Eastern Standard Time


Tom Pisello
CEO / Founder

Dave Stachura
VP Customer Success