2017 Business Value Summit

  Thank you for joining IDC, Alinean, and Finlistics at one of our free half-day Business Value Summits and learning how to improve your marketing and selling effectiveness with business value, ROI & TCO. These free half-day events were designed to provide you knowledge on the latest research on the … Read More

Hit Your Channel Sales Goals with ROI Selling

In an effort to reduce costs and boost sales, you enter 2017 under the gun to deliver even more business growth from your Channel Partners. But simply adding more partners won’t do the trick. The challenge: Your buyers have changed, no longer responding to the same old channel rep pitch. … Read More

The Value of “Move the Needle”

Today’s buyer doesn’t want a sales pitch. They want to know how your insights and experience can help them beat the competition.  But this is easier said than done: •      Are your sales reps empowered to engage earlier and have poignant financial discussions you’re your prospects? •      Can they compare … Read More

The Value of Value Selling & Marketing – November 10, 2016

Your buyers are concerned about the economics of each purchase decision, and as a result, require financial justification early and often throughout the buyers journey. At the same time, your standard product-centric content and demo-laden sales approach haven’t kept pace. You have to change, and in order to do so, … Read More

The Five Pillars of Value Success – September 27, 2016

“If you build it, they will come” is a quote made famous in the movie Field of Dreams. While the philosophy behind this saying worked great in a Hollywood movie about a fictional baseball field built in an Iowa cornfield, applying it when launching a new value / ROI tool … Read More