#1 reason for revenue shortfalls =
Poor value communication - SiriusDecisions

How can you best communicate your value?

Services & Tools to better
communicate & quantify your value.

Storytelling + Insights + Justification + Intelligence

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Better value conversations with visual storytelling, customized for each selling situation


Provocative & personalized insights to challenge "do nothing" buyers & ignite buying decisions


Financial justification (ROI & TCO) to motivate decisions & obtain approvals from frugal buyers


Gather & leverage customer intelligence from every conversation & engagement

Alinean Value Marketing & Selling Solutions

Value Matrix™

Workshop & matrix to harmonize, enrich and 3rd party certify your value storytelling, insights, and quantification


For Marketing

Interactive ROI infographics & value storybooks

For Sales

Guided value storytelling & "back of the napkin" justification

For Value Consultants

Credible CFO-ready ROI/TCO business cases

Value to you

Generate More Leads  |  Engage Earlier  |  Ignite Buying Decisions  |  Accelerate Sales Cycles  |  Increase Deal Size

$8.10 for every $1 invested

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